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Calcium plays an essential and varied role in the body and is vital for health. This important mineral is needed for the maintenance of normal bones and teeth.

Ensuring that adequate calcium is consumed is important for achieving peak bone mass and helping to reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later life.

What is Calcium needed for?


  • Calcium is needed for the maintenance of normal bones and teeth.
  • Calcium contributes to normal muscle function and neurotransmission.
  • Calcium contributes to normal blood clotting.
  • Calcium contributes to normal energy metabolism.
  • Calcium contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes.


Calcium rich foods include:


  • milk, cheese and other dairy foods
  • green leafy vegetables – such as broccoli and cabbage
  • soya beans
  • soya drinks with added calcium
  • bread and anything made with fortified flour
  • fish where you eat the bones – such as sardines and pilchards


How much Calcium do you need?


You should be able to get all the calcium you need through a balanced and varied diet, however there can be times when a supplement can help.


Adults (19-64 years) require approx. 700mg per day.


The department of health advises that taking a supplement containing 1500mg or less a day is unlikely to cause any harm.


Source:  (Next review due 03/08/2023)

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Calcium rich foods include

Oily fish
Dairy products

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