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Thiamin (B1)

Thiamin is also known as vitamin B1.

What is vitamin b1 needed for?


  • Contributes to normal energy release.
  • Contributes to the normal function of the nervous system.
  • Contributes to the normal function of the heart.


Good sources of vitamin b1 include:


  • vegetables
  • fresh and dried fruit
  • eggs
  • wholegrain breads


How much vitamin b1 do you need?


The amount of thiamin adults (19 – 64 years) need is:


1 mg a day for men


0.8mg a day for women


You should be able to get all the thiamin you need from your daily diet. Thiamin cannot be stored in the body so you need it in your diet every day.


The Department of Health advice is that taking 100mg or less a day of thiamin supplements is unlikely to cause any harm.


Source:  (Next review due 03/08/2023)

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B1 rich foods include


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